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Welcome to Demon Gaming

Server Rules

NOTE: Donating/Buying will not get players in game items or perks that give a unfair advantage to others! Our policy is in accordance with Bohemias DayZ Server Monetization rules as indicated on there webiste. By playing on Demon Gaming Servers you agree to follow all listed rules below or run the risk of getting banned If you believe someone is breaking any of the rules please contact us via Discord and create a ticket. For a Full Detailed Set of Dos and Don'ts Please join our Discord Click Here

General Rules

• No Hacking
• No Glitching
• No exposing enemy base cordinates
• No being overly toxic
• No Doxing
• No Teams over 5
• No loot cycling
• Every Player Must Record Kills & Raiding
• For more details Please join our discord - Click Here

Base Building Rules

• No building inside ANY military areas
• No building in police stations
• NO building within 300M of any Military Bases/Compounds
• Bases found within these limits will be deleted without compensation
• If you find a base breaking this rule Report in Discord - Click Here

Raiding Rules

• Raids are ONLY allowed on weekends Friday-Sunday 12am-12am
• No Prop Stacking
• No Building Into Bases
• No Greifing Bases (Take only what you can and do NOT Deliberately despawn loot)
• No Taking over Players Bases (If you feel a base has been abandoned contact Staff)

Vehicle Rules

• NOTE: We will not compinsate any type of vehicle losses without VIDEO PROOF
• No Leaving cars in Traders (Cars left in traders for more than 24 hours will be given away)
• Keep Car covers on when not in use (This helps with server lag and from vehicle from despawning and moving)
• Maximum of 2 Vehicles per person, or Max 5 vehicles in a group

Server Information

Server name: Demon Gaming
Address: - Connect Here
Map: Deerisle

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If you wish to become a staff member head over to our discord and apply

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Contact/Other Payment Options

Wish to pay with an alternative method? Have questions or concerns? Click the payment links below and/or create a ticket in Discord or DM @Dylannzz for the fastest responce!